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emiledu means nothing

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hello, world– this time, its from me, with feeling!

As I registered and they very kindly auto-posted a message on my behalf -“hello,world”!

wow! up til this point, i even shied away from using “Dear all” (though I secretly longed to do so sometime). anyway emiledu, means “nothing” in my tongue. I tried several names, but other wisebeings and fools had already taken those .  So finally i got this one.

anycase, much of the time that is what it will be all about.

cheers! and yes of course for now, Bye , World, !!



women’s woes

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woman’s woes

ever wonder
they seem to work in reverse
these fairy tales
our growing up staple
of snow-whites and cinderellas
there actually are
more happy beginnings
than happy endings
the princes charmings’
who we kiss , love, marry
one day just, turn into toads?

Hello world!

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